Coursera Programming for Everybody-Getting Started with Python-Week 7 Chapter 5 quiz answers


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1  What is wrong with this Python loop: n = 5; while n > 0 : print n; print 'All done'

ans  This loop will run forever.

2  What does the break statement do?

ans  Exits the currently executing loop.

3  What does the continue statement do?

ans  Jumps to the "top" of the loop and starts the next iteration.

4  What does the following Python program print out? tot = 0; for i in [5, 4, 3, 2, 1] : tot = tot + 1; print tot

ans   5

5  What is the iteration variable in the following Python code: friends = ['Joseph', 'Glenn', 'Sally']; for friend in friends : print 'Happy New Year:', friend; print 'Done!'

ans  friend

6   What is a good description of the following bit of Python code?; zork = 0; for thing in [9, 41, 12, 3, 74, 15] : zork = zork + thing; print 'After', zork

ans  Sum all the elements of a list

7   What will the following code print out? smallest_so_far = -1; for the_num in [9, 41, 12, 3, 74, 15] : if the_num < smallest_so_far : smallest_so_far = the_num; print smallest_so_far

ans   -1

8   What is a good statement to describe the is operator as used in the following if statement: if smallest is None : smallest = value

ans  matches both type and value

9  Which reserved word indicates the start of an "indefinite" loop in Python?

ans  while

10   How many times will the body of the following loop be executed? n = 0; while n > 0 : print 'Lather' print 'Rinse'; print 'Dry off!'

ans   0