Coursera Programming for Everybody-Getting Started with Python-Week 4 Chapter 2- quiz answers


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1.) In the following code, print 98.6. What is “98.6”?

answer-  A constant

2)In the following code, x = 42. What is “x”?

A variable

3)Which of the following variables is the “most mnemonic”?


4)Which of the following is not a Python reserved word?


5)Assume the variable x has been initialized to an integer value (e.g., x = 3). What does the following statement do? x = x + 2

Retrieve the current value for x, add two to it and put the sum back into x

6)Which of the following elements of a mathematical expression in Python is evaluated first?


7)What is the value of the following expression


8)What will be the value of x after the following statement executes: x = 1 + 2 * 3 – 8 / 4


9)What will be the value of x when the following statement is executed: x = int(98.6)


10)What does the Python raw_input() function do?

Pause the program and read data from the user