Coursera Programming for Everybody-Getting Started with Python-Week 3 Chapter 1 quiz answers

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Q-1 When Python is running in the interactive mode and displaying the chevron prompt (>>>) – what question is Python asking you?

answer-   What would you like to do?

2.   What will the following program print out: 

     >>> x = 15; 

     >>> x = x + 5;

     >>> print x


answer-  20

3.)  Python scripts (files) have names that end with:

answrs-  .py

4.)  Which of these words are reserved words in Python ?

answer-  if




5. ) What is the proper way to say “good-bye” to Python?

answer-  quit()

6.)  Which of the parts of a computer actually executes the program instructions?

answer- Central Processing Unit

7.) What is “code” in the context of this course?

answer- A sequence of instructions in a programming language

8.) A USB memory stick is an example of which of the following components of computer architecture?

answer-  Secondary Memory

9.) What is the best way to think about a “Syntax Error” while programming?

answer- The computer did not understand the statement that you entered

10.) Which of the following is not one of the programming patterns covered in Chapter 1?

answer- Random steps