Difference Between Two-Tier And Three-Tier database architecture

 Two-Tier Database Architecture

It is a Client-Server Architecture.

the application logic is either inside the user interface on the client or inside the database on the server (or both).

it consists of two layers: Client Tier and Database (Data Tier).

it is easy to build and maintenance is less.

It is slower

less secured as direct connection between client and server

users increase performance decreases.

Example – Contact Management System created using MS-Access or Railway Reservation System, etc.

Three-Tier Database Architecture

It is a Web-based application.

the application logic or process resides in the middle-tier(business layer), it is separated from the data and the user interface.

it has three layers: Client Layer, Business Layer and Data Layer.

It is complex to build and maintain is more.

it is faster.

It is secured as there is no direct connection between client and server.

performance loss is there when system runs on Internet ,but better than two-tier.

Example – Designing registration ,login/signup form or a large website on the Internet, etc.